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My newest deviations!!!:iconsnowysnowman: Coolz .... (right?)...


Epic drawings done by epic people!
YOooooooo!!!! So here we are with free features:squee:
This is how it works-> You put in the comments "knock knock" and then you get a free feature :la:

I'm gonna do this for 10 or 15 people :D
it all depends on how many people want a feature :shrug:
  1. :icondesmodiadesigns:

DRAGON!!!! :squee:->Traditional DIN A6 Watercolor [trade] by DesmodiaDesignsACEO #19 ''Happy yeti'' [personal] by DesmodiaDesigns<-so cute :iconlainloveplz:80x80 animated pixel icon [commission] by DesmodiaDesigns<-:iconscaredplz:

Grim Reaper VS. . . . . Assassin?The streets were empty on this particular night, the only light shining coming from the lampposts. Houses were dark, no cars ran past, not even the howling of strays shattered the quiet of this steam-punk city.
However, towards the center of the town, in a towering building, a different story could be told.
"It's good to see that while a rather eccentric man he may be, Dr. Goliant knows how to be on time," a short man replied, his clean dress shoes making distinct clacks against the linoleum floor of the office hallway.
Behind him walked a girl, who's attire stated less to be had. She was in a completely black leather body suit, the only marks of differentiation the 59 on her shoulders, and the words HWEM on her back.
"He makes sure it's his only good quality," she responded, her monotone voice matching her emotionless face. "Still, I must say," her gaze tilted ever so slightly to the briefcase handcuffed to his wrist. "The face that you would bring the item my employer's been after so
<- I love these two :iconyayzplz: Christmas PastimesWhen it comes to stalking; beg your pardon, following someone, it is key to have safe guards. Granted, if you keep getting caught anyway, you should probably just choose a different profession, but even the most talented of stalk- ahem, followers, need to have a fail safe in the event of accidental discovery.
The fact that Regis had a voice that could coerce a random passersby into being said fail safe and then forget ever talking to her to further ensure her own lack of discovery was a good way to go about it.
“Pervert,” the woman Regis was 'following' muttered to herself, spinning on her heel with a dramatic swoosh of her coat and walking down the street.
Making sure to keep a good distance between them, Regis adjusted her sun glasses for no real reason, wondering vaguely to herself if maybe she was a tad too talented in this particular pastime of hers.
Shrugging off her concerns, Regis took notice as Fea walked up to a building in a manner indicating that she did
<- because Regis!!! :squee: Because We're All For Kitty/BlakeBlake Belladonna is known for many things. She is known for being mysterious and calm. She is known for being a fan of literature. She is known for her distant demeanour. She is known for her unique and efficient fighting style. To be blunt, she is known as an all around badass.
However, there are other things, few and far inbetween, that she is not known for. Little habits that remain unknown from the rest of the world, save one individual. . .
Stifling a large moan with the back of her hand, Yang slowly blinked the sleep away from her eyes, before swinging her legs over the bed and onto the floor. Avoiding the painful experience of smashing her head against the top bunk, the blonde stood up and headed towards the door, for once remaining quiet so as to avoid disturbing the other three girls asleep in the room.
She slowly made her way towards what had been come to be known as Yang’s Corner, filled with her miscellaneous (and other people’s miscellaneous) things, gathering
<- a must read for all RWBY fans!!! :la:
This dude is awesome :D ->revocs-gakuen App: Atlas by youneverseeyou all (used) just love him by youneversee<- love his face :iconyayzplz:Rivoka Event - Shin [updated] by youneversee<-Cool Smile nice jod bro... but that sign xD
    4. :iconoomegurinelukaoo:
OC Mary by oOMegurineLukaOo<- looks cool :)Offer To Adopt - Fairy Open by oOMegurineLukaOo<-awesome job:hug: My OC Sani !!! Made by: OrbitalSwan by oOMegurineLukaOo<- love her hair :iconthumbsupplz:

Academia Luna: Alex by EdgeV33<- love this guy :glomp:(another thing that I love about edge is his in depth explanations of his characters that makes them feel human)He's back, baby by EdgeV33<- I have so much love for this picture XD The Mission Routine (SM Halloween Mission Part 1)Seer stared up at Harrow through his hair, nodding and moving in rapid strides towards his room, silently climbing up the stairs and past an excited Caster, who waved at him happily. He did a sort of salute-wave hybrid back, raising his hand and moving it to the side in one quick motion, stopping after it had moved about thirty five degrees for a moment before it returned to his side.
Seer turned into his room, which was mostly bare, devoid of all decoration and even furniture, the bare walls making the room look abandoned. On one side of the room sat a large, wooden desk pressed against the wall, above it sat a large wall-mounted mirror. Behind the desk was a simple office chair that had seen better days, the cloth covering the arm rests was shredded as was the cloth on the seat. A bed sat on the other end of the room, Pressed into the corner, the bed made and dust gathering on the sheets.
Seer closed the door behind him gently, which proved difficult since it scraped on the door fram
<-his story's epic :la:
PG App: Koroshi by SheiraWritten<- she's cute sweet... but also a killer... what's not to love XD Requests? by SheiraWritten<- because coolness :D All My OC's and Me! by SheiraWritten<- Awesome sauce!!! :iconyayzplz:
DRAGON!!!!! :iconlainloveplz:->Chiwen, Cosmic Dragon of Light by helios485Yorreck's Darkmode (Stage 2) by helios485<-awesome design :la:Gear Dragon Incinerrak by helios485<-mechanical dragon of epicness :squee:
Adopt auction #1 OPEN by wolfyLRiina<- really skilled adoptables commission for floral-fire by wolfyLRiina<-COOL PIXELS!!!! :squee: Boy auction Closed by wolfyLRiina<-epic clothes :la:


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